Comfort, Quiet, Reliable

SMC brings you to enjoy Comfort, Quiet & Reliable air circulation service. Selecting suitable Ceiling fans, Oscillating fans, High Velocity fans and rechargeable cordless fan now.

Ceiling Fan

Finding a superior ceiling fan, click our fan series first to fit your home style.


Oscillating Fan

The oscillating fan may be a good choice for most users because it is not only inexpensive and versatile but also consume much less power rather than air-conditioning. Actually, it could be a health product because it may improves the air quality problem by driving the fresh air moving quicker.


Rechargeable Cordless Fan

The rechargeable cordless fan is wonderful choice for using in construction site, picnic, barbecue and camping because its large capacity of battery can give you up to 50 hours of wireless usage. Our built-in USB socket can give you various recharging and using experience simultaneously.